private house building wall panel material

Sony's CLEDIS. The video wall you want, but can't afford

Sony's Crystal LED Integrated System is a customizable wall of panels, that you can connect together. It's like the LEGOs of video walls and its spectacular.

Trump administration picks four companies to build border

After months of delays and pushes from supporters to "build the wall," the administration is one step closer to keeping that promise. The selected vendors are Caddell Construction Co., DE , LLC

Border wall funding folded into House GOP bill

The provision, Republicans say, will provide the necessary resources for the Trump administration to begin building President Trump's promised border wall.

Japan to build $470M ice wall to prevent nuclear leaks

Similar methods have been used to block water from parts of tunnels and subways, but building a 0.9-mile wall that surrounds four reactor buildings and their related facilities is unprecedented.

Border wall contractors brace for hostile site

Building a wall on the Mexican border was a cornerstone of Trumps presidential campn and a flashpoint for his detractors. The multibillion-dollar project along the 2,000-mile border has many

Why it would be hard to build a border wall

But while "build the wall" is a simple catchphrase, the logistics of doing so are complex. Much of the border is composed of rugged terrain, with a combination of deserts, mountains and rivers

Border wall prototypes take shape at San Diego

Contractors start building prototypes for planned Mexico border wall. The models, which cost the government up to $500,000 each, were spaced 30 feet 9.1 meters apart.

This green home will heat itself

The Pratt House project is an example of a burgeoning movement in the building industry. With the growing concern over the environment and energy, builders and architects are devising ways to

Maker of suspect paneling in London building fire stops

Crisis in the U.K. as more high-rise buildings fail fire safety tests. The tower's cladding -- panels widely used to insulate buildings and improve their appearance -- may have been a factor in

Server room makeover: Minor improvements can go a long way

The two green boxes on opposite walls of the room were patch panels that were connected to one another across the room with the cabling running above the drop ceiling; this was the cabling used to

Up close and personal with a giant Titan nuclear missile

The Titan Missile Museum is a fascinating look inside one of the Cold Wars greatest terrors: the nuclear missile silo. Take a step back in time with this incredible photo tour.

How to easily improve your home theater or music rooms

Ben's luxurious home theater. On the side walls of Ben's home theater he opted for GIK Rectangle 244 Bass Traps in Burgundy and two more in Pure White, on the ceiling two more 244 panels.

High-tech aerogels wrap homes with insulation

Still, more stringent building codes means that the material can be a fit in more circumstances, said Blair. "Obviously, retrofits is the low-hanging fruit. As we get out feet wet, we're finding

GoFundMe "Trump Wall" donors have given $7 million to

But last Friday, Kolfage changed course and announced funds would instead go toward his new non-profit, We Build the Wall, Inc., which he said would use contributions to build a wall on private

NYC couple who split house with wall get divorce

The wall separates the first-floor living room from a staircase inside the Taubs' three-story rowhouse. She had the top floor and part of the second floor.

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