curved porch railings 45 degrees

Skate Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by KingPenguin7

-Clear the Gap -Get 350 points -Do 1 grind There's a small curved rail going over the parkade exit that will give you a gap over it. Just flip in and out of the grind and you'll get the points. There's a kicker next to the rail that's misleading, you shouldn't use it. Just jump off of flat ground onto the rail. Film:Churning Buddha -Stay in a No-Skate Zone -Get 3000 points I did this at the

Tales of Vesperia FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by DomZ

Hold down the Left Trigger, then move the Left Analog Stick to walk in a 360-degree area. Onto attacking. Press B to attack with your main weapon. Test out button combos to string together physical attacks press B together with the Left Analog Stick . Press A to use your Artes. You can also use different Artes if you press A in succession to moving the Left Analog Stick in a certain direction

Painkiller FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Orgulo

It's got a mega ammo pack on it, and it counts as a secret area. You can just quick-jump up through the railings, rather than having to do some complicated jump off the stairs. Get the health and ammo behind it and move on. V1.5 CONTRIBUTION Sazaban <sazaban gmail.com> "In your FAQ on Painkiller in the opera house level at checkpoint 1l you describe one of the secret areas as

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Review for Game Boy Color: Is

The first mode is the half pipe mode, where you skate up and down on a half pipe two curved ramps, to the skater layman , performing tricks in a set amount of time. The other two modes are racing modes, where you must race downhill against opposing skaters, doing tricks and scoring points while also competing to hit the finish line first. One of these racing modes is a single race against a

Tony Hawk's Underground

Wallride: Approach a wall at a 45 degree angle, ollie, and press the Y/Triangle button to wallride. Worth is variable. Wallie: While wallriding, jump off of the wall to perform a wallie. Skitching: To skitch is to hold on to the back of a moving vehiclewhile on a skateboard or rollerblades. Follow behind a vehicle and press up to skitch. Use left and right to balance your skitch. Let go of the

Kameo: Elements of Power FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Burst through the wooden guard rail and down the shaft to the base of the tree. Roll through the log to view a scene. Looks like the third Elemental Shrine is under attack We have to head to the Badlands immediately Boost over the ramp and exit Snow Top Village. ===== BADLANDS 0411 ===== Morph into Chilla and slide down the icy wall. You will find a horse below. Mount the horse and ride to

Tony Hawk's Underground Create-A-Park Guide for

20.4 Low Outside QP 20.4 Dumpster 20.4 Medium Billboard 45-degree 21.2 LA Curved Wall 21.2 Low Inside QP 21.2 SD Rail 21.2 Medium Billboard 21.7 Tokyo Low Wall 21.7 Low Short Deck QP 22.2 Kicker 2 22.2 Pool Outside 22.2 Wavy Concrete Big 22.7 UnderG Rail Strht 22.7 Picnic tables 22.7 Candy Machine 23.8 Telephone Pole 2 24.3 Low Ouside Deck QP 24.3 Swing Rail 25.0 High Inside QP 26.3 Low

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure FAQ/Walkthrough

Turn the cannon 45 degrees to the left and fire it. Next, you'll again have two Ice Mirrors to work with a new one was made off to your right , as well as a little extra. Take Rose's frozen form and place it in the statue alcove on the west side of the area. Then, go across to the right side, grab the Idol Mirror that's just laying in the statue's hands, and place it in Rose's hands. You can

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

///// //50-50 TC's Rail// ///// Go down the ramp on the left side and cross the half pipe, the rail is counting from the rail closest to the brown cylinders is the third one from the left. Grind it doing a 50-50 from the beginning to the very end. ///// //Soak the Foreman// ///// From the start go down the right side. Then go up the ramp to a pool. Turn left to get on the catwalk going around

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Jedi

Another patrol of two moves counterclockwise -- you'll encounter them somewhere along the curved west wall. When you get back to your platoon, lead them south along the fence, past the first guardhouse, across the drive, then head for the door just west of the Entrance 1 gate. If Galinsky's solo work proves too noisy, use Bravo to clear the perimeter, although this will take a bit longer

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The lightning caught the woman full in the chest, hurling her back into Bwua'tu and knocking him to the deck. Leia leapt at Alema, striking for the shoulders. The Twi'lek spun away and launched

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix FAQ/Walkthrough for

Head below deck to save your game and talk to the Moogle to shop for items if needed. Head back up on deck and talk to Jack Sparrow, move the cursor to THe Black Pearl and click Go. The pirates will start boarding the ship, Fight them off to continue the game. You will then reach the Isla de Muerta. Save the game at the save point and head up the path. Take out the Heartless that attack then

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Grind the railing on the left side of the half bowl and ollie over the bowl to the other railing. Use the kink in the rail to ollie up to the life guards roof and grind the edge. Now ollie down and grind the last section of railing. Ollie off before the quarter pipe and go into a manual. Use the quarter pipe to transfer down to the quarter pipe below and rack up enough points to break 300,000

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy FAQ/Walkthrough

Go up the hall, destroy the red Lego cylinders and the grey curved wall sections with the orange lights, and the light blue gas pipes. Go strht to the end of the hall, and hover across the gap to the Blue Stud across the way. Keep going forward, fighting up the hall. At the first open hatch on the left, go in to get MINIKIT CANISTER 3. Blow up the segments of the rail on the right side

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64

Turn left, and on the tan- white wall about 45 degrees to your right is number 3. Keep going past this one and you'll be at the carwash. Go inside and come out the other side. Directly ahead of you is a wall and on it is the transformer. 4. Now turn around and go back in the carwash. When you come out, take a right on the street and then a left. You should now be able to take another right

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