disadvantages of load bearing external wall

Luke Skywalker Respect Thread: New Jedi Order era

Luke entered from his quarters, his eyes closed and his hands pressed to the iridescent spinglass, using the Force to search for a stress point in the exterior wall of their two-room prison. Dark

CaV: Ulic Qel-Droma ZiggyStardust Vs Count Dooku

Centered in the curved wall opposite the entrance was a second door. Posing for effect in the polygonal opening, Grievous granted his opponents a moment to activate their lightsabers, force pikes

Battlefield 3 Trophy Guide for Xbox 360 by barticle

Here are my thoughts on a couple of tricky sections: o Operation Swordbreaker You're told to man the LMG on the "wall" personally I'd call it a "bridge" but that's just me but you're really exposed up there and you'll take a heap of fire including RPG's, so don't do it I stayed prone at the top of the stairs at the left side of the bridge, retreating back down the stairs if I took damage

Baldur's Gate II: The Collection Walkthrough for PC by

Note that this is an incredibly large FAQ, and depending on your computer, internet speed, and the restlessness of computer gremlins, you may have to refresh this file several times to get the whole thing to load. Look for the ***END OF FILE*** line at the bottom to ensure you've got the whole thing. Legal <-----> I have no affiliation with Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay, Atari, or any other

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough for PlayStation by

List of Elements Final Fantasy's VIII battle system does somewhat rely on other external factors apart from the Strength and Magic ratings of a character, anyway to calculate damage. Some enemies carry weaknesses against a certain type of element; others may be protected from them instead. Here's a list detailing the 11 types of elements found in ff 8: NON-ELEMENTAL Non-elemental attacks

Final Fantasy XIII 5-Star Mission Guide for PC by Auron402

Reward First Win -- Superconductor x 4 Reward Subsequent wins -- Thrust Bearing x 3 The Problem -- Um, he's ugly? Seriously, he poses you very little threat at all. The Good News -- It is fairly easy to get a Preemptive Strike and 5-star this Mission early on. Times -- Early Chapter 11 Target time was 1:22. My team took him down in less than 40 seconds. Paradigms ***** * Fang * Hope

Battlefield Hardline Weapon FAQ for PlayStation 4 by

Its 7.62mm Soviet load gives a max damage of 36 and a min damage of 24 for a three-hit kill to 34 metres, a four-hit kill to 48 metres and a five-hit kill at any distance beyond that. It also does a powerful two-hit kill in Hardcore mode at ranges up to 40 metres. The trade-offs for this are the slow rate of fire, heavier vertical recoil and the biggest first-shot recoil multiplier in the

Mass Effect 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by etjester

In the center of the far wall there is also a wall safe you can bypass to acquire some credits. Weapon Acquired: M-100 Grenade Launcher BYPASS MINIGAME One of two minigames used for unlocking sealed doors and containers, the Bypass minigame involves matching nodes that are connected on a circuit board. Moving your cursor over a node reveals a certain symbol. Find two matching symbols and

Doom II FAQ for PC by HLeukart

On the opposite wall is another hidden wall opening <0x3aa61a5,0xf> which contains a cell pack. The exit is in the middle west: follow the south wall over the lava, you'll see a tunnel <0xfb186e6b,0x54a49e> going north to the blue door, and further the exit beyond. E3M7: GATE TO LIMBO: Beyond the northern blue door is a maze of small lava tunnels. In the SE corner <0x7a37332

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