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What do you make a dino pen out of?

BrickTamlandCh4 posted Dino gate and fence foundations with walls is the most basic way to make a Dino pen. Pretty sure spike walls won't do anything to Dino's unless you're riding them or they are attacking them.

new player, mind blown

This tribe tried raiding us once before we put up behemoth walls, knocked us out, farmed all day for grenades and threw them at our wooden house until they got in, laughing at us in game chat as they ran in to take all our stuff.

ARK: Survival Evolved Early Access Review

ARK: Survival Evolved is less of a step toward evolved survival as much as it is a shuffle. Still, there is entertainment to be found here, so long as youre willing to invest the time and

Upgrading walls

ARK: Survival Evolved; Upgrading walls; User Info: SSx4Leonjr. SSx4Leonjr 1 year ago 1. So I thought that if you tried to place a higher tier material wall over a lower one ex. Wood over thatch that it would fully replace the older one, but when I tried this today it kept the thatch wall under the wood one; like I could see the thatch poking out from the wooden wall, and it wasn't a

Low level tamed giga v alpha rex?

For ARK: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Low level tamed giga v alpha rex?".

Little help/advice from you building veterans?

For ARK: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Little help/advice from you building veterans?".

Can you safely trap carnivores for taming?

Wood is far too easy to break. Easiest way is to kite it there using a flyer. The more fun way requires 2 people. Make sure your taming pen has a dino gate at one end and a door at the other. Get it chasing you and run into the pen and through the doorway. Once you get it in there someone needs to close the gate so it can't escape. Then shoot it through a window to knock it out.

Funny story about how not to raid a base

We have a full stone house, with stone walls around it, with wooden walls on top of that stone. So he's working that axe on the second level of the wall that's wooden. I notice they have a trike and a raptor with them, neither one with a saddle.

You may THINK your stuff is safe .

3 days for thatch, 7 for wood I believe, and 14 for stone? It has to do with being in range of the object for the timer to reset. I think this is a great feature since the islands are small-ish and get cluttered wth objects.

Base defense tips?

My last base was made of wood and had a stone wall. I left because it got attacked by raiders on Argents and they lifted all of my dinosaurs and dropped them.

My Dino is gone was he killed?

Crimsonhead4 posted Yeah something killed my dodos in my PvE server. I built a 2x2 house for them with wood walls and thatch foundation / roof to make it look more like a chicken coop. Got on yesterday to see one wall and foundation destroyed and all my dodos gone.

Question on upgrading crafting

Is it possible to build a completely enclosed base? Right now I have a 3 story adobe building surrounded by a adobe dino gate and wood walls along the perimeter; the height of the gate.

All of my stuff was destroyed by a Raptor

Came out of my wooden house, motherf***er jumped me out of nowhere. I guess my main mistake was to respawn immediately to try and get my stuff back. Fool got angry, blew a hole in the wall, killed me again and started destroying it all. Bed and boxes included. Hours of farming lost

Tribe Recruiting more primitive

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Do Wooden Pillars work same as Foundations in terms of

Walls also stop spawns. In an area with only fence foundations, trees and rocks were still spawning all around the fence foundations, and even right next to them.

What exactly destroys metal?

Dinos can't destroy metal. The titan biggest dinosaur MAY be able to, not sure. Anyway the way to destroy metal is with explosives. It takes about 40 grenades to destroy a metal wall, but much less c4 and rockets.

Can stone buildings be destroyed?

Made a basic 2 foundation, walls, and ceiling all of stone with a reinforced wooden door, PvP server. Can my all stone building be destroyed

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