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Granwax Products Ltd has been manufacturing high quality wood floor seals, finishes, cleaning and maintenance products for timber and Granwood Flooring Systems since 1912. With Headquarters in the heart of Derbyshire, Granwax has a team of expertly trained specialists conveniently located to provide help and advice on a variety of different

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Renue UK provide specialist cleaning and renovation services since 2007 and has quickly established itself as one of the leading service providers in the UK. Granwood Floor Sanding. Renue UK Ltd Are Specialists In Granwood Floor Sanding, Repairs And Refurbishment. We Have Been Renovating Granwood And Gransprung Flooring For Many Years Now And

Granwood Floor Cleaning "How To"

Granwood floor cleaning is an essential part of Granwood floor maintenance to prolong the life of your floor. Cleaning a Granwood floor will not only make it look nicer, but will actually improve grip and minimise the time in between scheduled reseal.

Granwood Flooring, Repairs and Resealing Dust Free Floor

Granwood Floor Maintenance and Cleaning. For Granwood floor maintenance it is best to keep the floor free from any dirt and abrasive materials. Granwax themselves sell special mats for this called Granwax Dirt Control Matting. The floor should then be regularly swept for any dirt and dust.

Granwood Floor Restoration Granwood Flooring Maintenance

Granwood Flooring Maintenance. Just like any other sports flooring, it is necessary to carry out Granwood flooring maintenance and cleaning regularly for it to appear in tip top shape. Without the care and attention, its performance will be compromised and the appearance and longevity will be affected.

Granwood System

Granwood flooring systems take all this in stride and are easily and simply cleaned. The hard wearing polyurethane seal means that day-to-day cleaning is easily accomplished with an impregnated dry mop.

Granwood Floor Care

Take care of your Granwood floor. Like any other sports flooring regular cleaning and maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung floors is essential in keeping the floor in top condition. Build up of body fats or dust and dirt on the floor will seriously degrade its appearance, performance and life expectancy.

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Tennis court coatings, cleaning and maintenace, sports hall floor sanding, sealing and line marking, PU sports surfacing, playgrounds and MUGAS surfacing and restoration, line marking, squash Courts, cleaning, repair and maintenance. From a scrub and seal to a total overhaul of your Granwood floor. Francis Coatings Francis Coatings offers

Granwood Floor Renovation

Following your Granwood Floor Renovation, you will also find that the surface will be easier to maintain, and we shall provide with an appropriate cleaning program for your cleaners to follow. We can also provide training on how to maintain the surface if required.

Granwood Flooring Systems After Sales

The Granwood after-sales and service team is ready and willing to help all Granwood customers at any time. We can offer trouble shooting advice, specialist cleaning and refurbishment when required, supplies of recommended polishes, detergents and cleaning agents and, should the need ever arise, can quickly arrange for repairs to damaged floors.

Granwood floor sanding and sealing and refurbishment

Sanding and sealing your Granwood floor as part of a full refurbish can make your Granwood floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources. We have specialist extraction systems to leave minimal dust for a cleaner area and smoother end result and to eliminate time spent cleaning after. We

Granwood Sports and Gym Flooring Huncote Leisure Centre, Leics

Huncote Leisure Centre, Leicestershire. This is a sports Gransprung floor by Granwood. We repaired, sanded and refinished the sports hall floor. Skip to main content. Renovate We offer a Stone Floor Cleaning service that will revive and refresh existing dirty and dull stone flooring.

Granwood and Wooden Floors sanding

Granwood and Wooden Floors sanding. Like any other sports flooring regular cleaning and maintenance of Granwood and Gransprung floors is essential in keeping the floor in top condition. Build up of body fats or dust and dirt on the floor will seriously degrade its appearance, performance and life expectancy.


Granwood Floor Restoration Leeds / April 23, 2014 Whilst wood flooring is an attractive floor covering and increasingly popular in commercial premises, they have, however, issues relating to expansion and contraction, scuffs and scratches and wear in high-traffic areas.

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Granwood Floor cleaning, repair and re-finishing. Granwood floors are laid in locations as diverse as local village halls, school gymnasiums, churches and sports centres. Floors installed over 50 years ago are still in daily use today and around 70% of the UKs indoor sport is played on a Granwood surface each week.

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Granwood Floor Restoration Commercial Calcot Junior School, Reading 30 years experience in the cleaning and flooring business. Employees are highly trained professionals and experts in their fields. Fully insured. Full accreditation. State-of-the-art equipment with safe and environmentally-friendly specialist products.

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