raised wooden deck prefab

2019 Volvo S60 first drive review: Familiar formula with a

A long dash-to-axle ratio -- especially for a front-wheel drive chassis, and interestingly, the only fixed-length part of the entire SPA architecture -- and short rear deck give the S60 proper

Rolls-Royce's Phantom menace s --photos

The LCD screen, the telephone keypad, and control knob all hide behind wood panels until called upon. Peek in the glove compartment and you'll also find an iPod connection.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough

Move up when you can to a wooden barricade on the right to target a pair of remaining enemies on a deck above. With the street cleared, shoot the lock off the red door and open it to regroup with

Sails and subs: A tour of the San Diego Maritime Museum

The steel hull was stronger and thinner than wood, allowing for more space for cargo, passengers, or whatever owners wanted. Also, check out the Cutty Sark , built a few years later.

6 tiny homes you can build with no training

Bungalow in a Box Photo courtesy of bungalowinabox.com While the smaller buildings can be raised by hand, a crane is recommended or required for some of the bigger homes that

High tech meditation pod relieves stress caused by tech

A woman's soothing voice tells me to close my eyes. "Take the brief pause we all need to live our most meaningful lives," the voice says through my headphones.

How to remove water stains from wood furniture

Smart Home The easy way to remove water stains from wood furniture. No need to go to the hardware store -- you have everything you need to remove water marks.

North of S.F., stunning architecture dwells photos

The floors are made from bamboo, and the beams are crafted from new growth wood. The house is designed to be extremely energy efficient. The house is designed to be extremely energy efficient

2014 Audi RS 7 Quattro review: Top-tier RS 7 is a tech car

It was a hoot of a ride, with excessive amounts of power on deck, but it was also amazingly easy to drive and difficult to get unsettled thanks to the standard Quattro all-wheel drive.

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