faux hardwood vinyl flooring

Faux Medium Oak Hardwood Vinyl Floor Planks from

High quality embossed vinyl floor planks allow you to update your home with a stylish medium Oak hardwood look. The peel and stick planks make installation simple, and this maintenance-free flooring requires no waxing. 10 planks per box covers 15 Sq. ft. Vinyl.

Faux Vinyl Flooring Atrafloor

Faux Effect Vinyl Flooring. Add a whole new dimension to your home with our collection of textured faux effect vinyl flooring. Our custom flooring encompasses a vast range of all interior design ideas imaginable.

DIY Faux Hardwood Floors on Plywood Subfloor And Then We

Okay, so Im a little late on this kitchen progress update, like 1.5 years late, oops. Around November 2016, I started removing the gross green and white plaid vinyl flooring and to create DIY hardwood floors on the plywood subfloor that was underneath.

Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring Home

With faux wood tile floors, you get all the benefits of hardwood without the negatives attached to it. Affordable Tile Wood Floor In this side by side comparison, you can notice the slight variation of texture that shows that the left side is in fact tile, and the right is hardwood.

Faux Wood Flooring Ideas

Sheet vinyl is the most budget-friendly faux wood flooring option. Sheet vinyl provides the rich, elegant look of wood, but with greater resistance to moisture. Sheet vinyl also offers greater flexibility in where it can be installed than solid wood.

Transform Your Laundry Room Floor With Faux Wood Vinyl

Transform Your Laundry Room Floor With Faux Wood Vinyl Flooring. You dont want to scratch up your brand new faux hardwood vinyl. Faux real. You know whatyoure alright in my book peel and stick faux wood vinyl flooring. Youre alright. Toddler approved Im kidding. She didnt even notice.

Faux Medium Oak Hardwood Vinyl Floor Tile

Faux Medium Oak Hardwood Vinyl Floor Tile; Faux Medium Oak Hardwood Vinyl Floor Tile. In Our Catalog: Medium Oak Vinyl Floor Tile These easy-to-apply faux brick wall tiles will instantly give your room a stylish update. Available in brown or white, the tiles are simple to install simply remove the backing and apply to the wall.

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