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Concrete Floor Coverings: Ways to Cover Concrete

Outdoor Concrete. Concrete Patios; Concrete Driveways; Concrete Pool Decks; Popular Flooring Types: Kitchen floors, garage floors, basement floors and more Options to cover concrete flooring surfaces By Chris Sullivan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ChemSystems Inc.

Deck Flooring and Outdoor Patio Flooring

Are you looking for an affordable Deck Flooring solution or Outdoor Patio Flooring? Your deck floor covering should be durable and water proof. is great for a deck floor considering the fact that most decks are outdoors. ModuTile has different types of tiles that are designed for these purposes. Outdoor Patio Flooring - Perforated Floor

The 4 Best Choices for Garage Floor Finishes

There are three basic types of garage floor tiles rigid plastic tiles, flexible rubber and plastic tiles, and wood composite tiles. There is no easier way to cover your garage floor than by rolling out a mat.

Hardscaping 101: Garage Flooring

Hardscaping 101: Garage Flooring. Search. Tips and Tools Issue 7 Garage Envy. Hardscaping 101: Garage Flooring The two most commonly used types of paint are acrylic latex or an epoxy. Garage floor coverings in the form of mats and tiles are an easy-to-install way to create a durable and attractive flooring surface. Available in

Garage Flooring Options The Family Handyman

There are two general types of garage flooring: coatings and coverings. If your garage floor is in good condition, you can pick either one. But if the floor has lots of cracks or pockmarks, a covering is better because it hides damage. A coating, even a low-sheen version, has a tendency to highlight blemishes.

4 Types of Paint to Use on a Garage Floor DoItYourself.com

Choosing paint for the garage floor depends on how you use the garage. If it's used for simple things like storing your car, a few tools, and the Christmas decorations, you'll need a different type of paint than if you use the garage as a machine shop.

Information About the Different Types of Garage Floor

For this reason, fitting the garage floor with proper covering becomes important to protect, and thereby extend, the life of the same. Types of Garage Floor Coverings There are a variety of coverings available in the market. These can be chosen in accordance with one's needs and budget.

Best Garage Flooring Options DIY

Taking the brunt of all your good intentions is your garage flooring. That old gray slab may weather the storm, but you can make it extra durable and good-looking with some of the easy-to-install garage floor coverings currently available.

How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor coverings come in two stylesmats and tiles. Both are extremely easy to install and are ideal products for the DIYer. This article will look at the pros and cons of garage floor tiles. For a discussion of floor mats, you should look elsewhere. There are three basic types of garage

Floor Covering News and Information on all types of flooring

Floor Covering World provides you the latest Flooring Information and News on All Types of Flooring. Choosing the correct Type of Flooring is a very important decision you will need to make when it comes to remodeling or decorating your home.

4 Types of Rubber Flooring DoItYourself.com

4 Types of Rubber Flooring Durable and easy to maintain, rubber flooring comes in a range of options. Whether for a kitchen, garage, basement, or playroom, you'll find a variety suited to your needs.

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Our flooring rolls are incredibly versatile and used for a wide array of applications, including gym flooring, basement flooring, garage flooring and more. Search dozens of options backed by industry leading warranties. All of our flooring rolls are durable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Common Flooring Types Currently Used in Renovation and

Builders and remodelers can choose from the standard flooring types but should consider cost, installation, appearance, and maintenance with each material. There's everything from tiny mosaics to large format floor tiles to "wood look" tile that blends the look of hardwood with the durability of ceramic.

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