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Panasonic SA-HE100 Overview

Europe Packaged Quantity 1 composite video input, composite video/audio input, composite video/audio output, front speakers output, headphones, monitor output, rear speakers output, subwoofer

Fiberline for iOS

Fiberline Composites FRP calculatorWith the new iPhone app from Fiberline the leading FRP composite specialist you are now able to do static calculations on a

Here's why Apple built a recycling robot that rips apart

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways: Apple's recycling robot Daisy will be able to take apart nine different models of iPhones at a rate of about 200 per hour.

Black Widow Character

Black Widow is a freelance spy and is known to be the 'most dangerous woman in Europe'. She allied with Matthew Murdoch Daredevil , but she betrayed him to Count Otto von Doom who later become

Take off in the cockpit of the future

Boeing and NASA are testing synthetic vision in 787 dream liner simulator. And voice control is also being trialed at another avionics company, Rockwell Collins. The flight deck of the future

AI in space: Astronauts will get floating robot assistant

The digital assistant CIMON features a version of IBM Watson, and will help astronauts complete tasks on the International Space Station.

2,000 year old 'computer' discovered: How tech and

The weather deck, upper deck, and quarterdeck were all still identifiable, and although the upper deck had been ruptured by ice, the holes allowed the two Parks Canada divers to peer down into the

Philips 29PT 9416 MatchLine

CD player, CD recorder, DVD player, VCR, cassette deck, radio, satellite TV system 21 pin SCART, 4 pin mini-DIN, IEC connector, RCA, RCA x 2, RCA x 3, click-fit x 2, mini-phone 3.5 mm

Getting dirty with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD

2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road. The exterior design is inspired by desert running trophy trucks and features an elevated beltline and new sheetmetal creases that emphasize the ride height.

News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals

Archiving data is a far bigger challenge than performing ordinary backups. Here are some factors to keep in mind so you don't wind up with a collection of obsolete or irretrievable junk.

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

That may account for the more synthetic or plastic smell you detect. Unfortunately for your cause, I love the smell of Subway, but then again I've always been an odd duck. Unfortunately for your cause, I love the smell of Subway, but then again I've always been an odd duck.

10 amazing treehouses

Cast in a lightweight composite material, that sits on the treehouse's decks. 4Treehouse Lukasz Kos/four-o-nine.com. 4Treehouse, located on Lake Muskoka north of Toronto, Canada, looks like a

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