wall boards in plastic eco friendly

Xyleco's Marshall Medoff: The unlikely, eccentric inventor

Lesley Stahl: But if you take a plastic bag or a plastic bottle of Diet Pepsi or whatever and throw it away, it could be there for 500 years. Marshall Medoff: More. Most plastics are made from

LG HFB-500 Bluetooth Solar Car Kit review: LG HFB-500

Eco-friendly gadgets are all the rage and solar power is one of the easiest ways to conserve energy, so it's no surprise solar-powered gadgets have gathered steam in recent months.

U2 Guitarist Green Pitch Over "The Edge"?

A few years ago, U2 guitarist The Edge went for a hike, and there in the golden hills overlooking Malibu's cerulean waters, he finally found what he was looking for. The Edge and his wife

Top 30 x72 Six Panel Fiberglass Shed Doors deals at

by wcunning Roadshow staff / June 6, 2007 6:57 AM PDT In my recent column, The plastic transparent car , I wrote about increasing use of plastics in car body panels. Would you buy a car Would you buy a car

These are the best coolers you can buy this summer

The result: plastic that's more durable, more uniform in density and, most importantly in the case of coolers, better at insulation. Rotomolded coolers won't come cheap, but they're demonstrably

Samsung Blue Earth unlocked review: Samsung

As it does with most trends, Samsung is pursuing eco-friendly cell phones with vigor. It already gave us the Samsung Reclaim, and now we finally have a chance to review the Samsung Blue Earth.

Counter Measures

By Christy Harrison. Y our produce may be organic and local, and you may buy nonpolluting household cleaners, but odds are your kitchen is still an environmental disaster.

Photos: 22 eco-friendly tech products to celebrate Earth Day

If you're ready to embrace a greener lifestyle, April 22 is Earth Day and it's an ideal time to find new eco-friendly tech to use to help make the world a better place.

Top 4 PACK Of Reusable Bamboo Plate Holders deals at

Wayfair. Color Green Yumi Eco Solutions 510 512 Party is the theme 100 natural the Yumi Eco Bamboo Dinner Serving Plates has everything you need for a successful party indoors or outdoors The set

Upstate N.Y.

Designed with plenty of curves this recycled Boeing 747 is The Wing House, an eco-friendly dream home, as seen on HGTV's "Extreme Living." Credit: HGTV Santa Barbara, Calif.

SimpleTech Re Drive review: SimpleTech Re Drive

Thanks to its unique look, speedy throughput, and the eco-friendly materials used in both the drive itself and its packaging, we recommend the SimpleTech Re Drive to anyone looking for a USB-only

2015 Kia Soul EV review: Kia creates eco-karma with

All in, about 52 pounds of "bio-based organic" plastic is used in the Soul EV's door panels, headliner, seat trim, roof pillars, and carpeting. The headliner is the most obvious: it looks like it

Save Green by Making Your Windows Greener

STEAL: The100 series also features brand new eco-friendly components, such as 18-24 percent pre-consumer recycled glass and recycled sawdust composite used in the framing of the window.

Toy Fair 2011: Hot stuff from the show floor photos

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn iCan Play. In July, Fisher-Price is coming out with its special toddler-friendly iPhone case, the Laugh and Learn iCan Play $14.99 .

ThinkSound TS02 review: ThinkSound TS0

2The Good The Thinksound TS02 Mic earphones offer an environmentally friendly design that is both lightweight and comfortable, and the all-wood earpieces deliver lovely, natural sound and deep

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