budget outdoor wall panels install cost

Kuna Toucan review: The Toucan fits the bill as a subtle

Getting to know Toucan. Housed in a circular, matte-black panel, the Toucan looks more utilitarian and discreet than the design-forward models out today like Nest Cam Outdoor.

Trump approves tariffs on foreign solar panels

The Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group for U.S. installers, says tariffs would drive up the cost of installing solar-power systems, leading to a drop in demand.

Can you build a backyard theater on the cheap?

Laptops Can you build a backyard theater on the cheap? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy open-air cinema. But you'll still need brisk popcorn sales to cover some hardware costs.

4 low-cost ways get solar power at home

Smart Home 4 low-cost ways get solar power at home. No need for big solar panels. These inexpensive solutions give you the benefits of solar energy without a big price tag.

Top outdoor privacy panels deals at mySimon Compare prices

Compare prices and shopping results for outdoor privacy panels from mySimon.com. mySimon.com has the best deals and lowest prices on outdoor privacy panels

Nanoleaf Canvas review: Your smart home in living color

The most expensive one, a 121-panel PC gaming setup, would cost more than $3,000 -- that is $1,250 for five starter kits remember, you need a separate power supply for every 25 panels , plus

Wall-mount your tablet for $10 or less

Tablets Wall-mount your tablet for $10 or less. Wall-mount any tablet with these simple and affordable solutions.

5 van homes that take "glamping" on the road

"Van life" is a movement -- and a social media trend -- started by people who want to live simply and travel freely by downsizing their lives into converted cargo vans. But living in these homes

Got a deck? Solar panels now a plug-in appliance

Solar installation companies now offer leases or power purchase agreements where homeowners pay a monthly fee or buy the energy the panels produce at lower than retail electricity cost.

Solar Panel System for Hotels

solar panels for hotels will definitely save energy in the long run. Actually, hotels are a great candidate for solar panel installation because they use much more energy than a typical home.

Nanoleaf wants to cover your walls in color-changing light

Nanoleaf wants to cover your walls in color-changing light. Nanoleaf's color-changing light panels were a game changer for the company. Now, at CES 2018, the company's turning the idea up to 11.

Want smarter outdoor lighting at home? Here are your

A base kit with one light and the power supply will cost $130, with additional lights selling for $90, so they definitely won't come cheap, but it's an option worth considering, especially if you

Philips Hue's new outdoor smart lights, ranked

Philips Hue remains the top name in connected, color-changing smart home lighting, but this year, the brand decided to step outside with a new lineup of Hue lights and fixtures meant to light up

Netgear's powerful, expensive solution for outdoor Wi-Fi

MUSIC Netgear is trying to tear down the wi-fi wall that is your home. The new Orbi Outdoor Wi-fi Satellite extends your network outside to your yard, pool or garage.

Cheap and easy home theater soundproofing tips

That is, install new double sheetrock walls with an air gap between them and the original walls. Double sheetrock can make a big difference, but it's still far from a cheap or easy solution.

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