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thermally modified poplar 4/4 3.25 thermally modified ash 4/4 4.00 thermally modified ro 4/4 4.50 * milling charges s2s .20bf * we accept mastercard, visa, discover, checks and cash this is self service: we request that the bins are left neatly stacked when you are finished pulling lumber. you must park in the parking lot. thank you

Thermally Modified Decking Lumber

We ordered something like 7,000 linear feet of the 5/4 x 6 poplar cause that is the only dimension they offered. Which made it hard to fabricate my posts and railings domino's, glue-ups and cap rails . I can get thermally modified poplar in the "rough" at my supplier, and they would most likely mill it to decking board size for me. They

Thermally Modified Wood for Interior Use

Thermally Modified Wood for Interior Use Another finish question from the new guy I just picked up a few board feet from my local hardwood store. It's labeled "Cambia" and it's a very nice brown wood. The piece you pictured does look like poplar. The most common species of lumber being thermally modified is Poplar, Ash, Gum and oak.

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lightweight deck and balcony surfaces - eaglecrestranch.org . lightweight deck and balcony surfaces - waterproof walking surface for installation over plywood, concrete, magnesite, metal and most existing deck surfaces The FM system is an ideal, low cost, easy to apply, and fast drying deck coating designed for use on balconies, corridors, stairs, landings, and most above ground walkways and

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Thermally Modified Lumber Products. Thermally modified hardwoods and softwoods have these unique features and are categorized based on a specific treatment temperature. Dimensional stability is achieved because of the decrease in absorptive qualities and lower equilibrium moisture content.

Cambia Thermally Modified Lumber and Siding

Uncoated Thermally Modified Poplar siding adorns this magnificent regional visitors center in Wisconsin. A Visitors Center utilizes Cambias uncoated wood siding. Cambia Thermally Modified Lumber and Siding. Uncoated Thermally Modified Poplar siding $2.93 per lineal foot -Price does not include freight to sales location. 8

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Thermally modified wood, also called heat-treated wood, has been available since the mid-1990s in Europe, where it was developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods. A 5 1/2-inch deck board will swell about 1/16 inch and stay that way. Its because of the way we cook the resins and sugars out of the wood

Roasted Thermally Modified

Roasted Thermally Modified Roasted wood is stable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Hydroscopic cellulose is sealed so wood resists warp and movement.

Thermally Modified Wood Cambia Wood

Thermally-modified wood may be the first truly green lumber resource that performs better and costs less than the alternative wood species and substitute products developed to replace wood. Both our thermally modified poplar and ash have achieved a Class I durability rating according to EU standards through testing completed at the Institut

Thermally Modified Poplar

General Characteristics: Thermally Modified Poplar is produced by the thermo-treatment process. When complete, the process carmelizes the sugars in the wood which gives the ash a dark brown appearance all the way through the wood.

The New Standard is Americana Americana Decking

Americana is a new generation of Thermally Modified Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar Decking, Siding and Porch Flooring, transformed by heat and steam, for long-lasting beauty in your outdoor living spaces.


retail price list july 27, 2015 kerry smith 603-642-8275 *available in prices are per board foot nastassja colon fsc 100% forest stewardship counil certified monday - friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm please call ahead for availability thermally modified poplar 4/4 3.25 thermally modified ash 4/4 4.00 thermally modified ro 4/4 4.50

Thermally Modified Wood

Re: Thermally Modified Wood Price will be the issue, that and acceptability but that will come in time. Price is going to have to be in the range of $2 to $3 a board foot. And that is pricely for framing lumber. But there is thermally modified wood available now in the east and west USA.

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Thermally Modified Poplar Bench. No chemicals. No plastics. No threat to rainforest ecosystems. Enhancing the versatility of our native Pennsylvania hardwoods, high-temperature Thermal Modification transforms the wood to a striking, exotic brown, adding high weather resistance and stability for outdoor applications.

Thermally Modified Wood

EcoVantage thermally modifies real wood with heat and steam to create enhanced natural wood that is low maintenance and weather resistant. 100% REAL WOOD / KILN-DRIED TO 4-7%MC MINIMAL ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT . thermally modified lumber prices prices subject to change without notice. prices updated 6/9/17 . ECOVANTAGE Thermally Modified Wood

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Cambia Thermally Modified Lumber and Siding - St Angelo Ship Lap. 6 Dimensions: 1 x 6. Actual 3/4 x 5 1/4. Exposed Face 4.75. Coverage 0.39 $2.93 per lineal foot -Price does not include freight to sales location.

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