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London Super Comic Con write up

LSCC Sunday 16/03/14I headed to LSCC with a couple of things in mind that I wanted to check out, now I'm not one to sit through panels I prefer to wal

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Halcyon and Tenderfoot is currently up to issue 4 is tagged as "Not another crime fighting duo" and is aimed at all readers, it's tongue in cheek take on superheroes and cartoonist art style sees

Disciples II: Gold Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

I really don't think they have it in them to destroy buildings but ah well who cares , and also that he has found runic etchings on the floor now this IS disturbing news, as dwarves are or at least SHOULD be the only masters of runic magic on Nevendaar . A Tenderfoot suggests that you move on with all due haste, as if people ARE trying to learn the secrets of your Dwarven Runic

Disciples II: Gold Edition Mountain Clans Saga Walkthrough

For Disciples II: Gold Edition on the PC, Mountain Clans Saga Walkthrough by Mister Sinister.

Jeopardy Junior Edition FAQ for NES by DEngel

a - a benefit sale for a church or temple q - what is a bazaar? a - this sailing ship has only one mast q - what is a sloop? a - a space with nothing in it, or an electrical appliance q - what is a vacuum? ----- group 26 ----- category: go-togethers a - a favorite after-school snack q - what are milk and cookies? a - markings on water faucets q - what are hot and cold? a - the main pieces of a

Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ for 3DS by Liquefy

The Museum Hakubutsukan second floor Museum Shop usually offers the following items for sale: one piece of exhibit furniture two other items silver tools, carpeting, wallpaper, Museum Model The Public Works option for the Museum Renovation is triggered by meeting the following three requirements: 1 Someone has spoken to Blathers Futa Bu-eong at least once on each of 14 different

Animal Crossing: City Folk FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

However, there will be much more for sale, with 7 flower seeds and 8 furniture items, just for starts. It also looks much nicer both on the interior and exterior, and Nook will drop his old uniform in favor of a tuxedo. The store can also 'downgrade' to a previous version. Nook will ask you what you like best in your shopping experience, about a week after he upgrades his store to its final

Animal Crossing FAQ for GameCube by Pikachu 4 President

4th Friday -- Sale Day -- The day after Harvest Day is Sale Day. Head to Nook's for some grab bags with great items at low prices. Redd will also be in town peddling his usual wares. Be sure to check out his tent and also talk to the Mayor December: 1st -- Snow Day -- Though you may not see snow beginning on this day, the Mayor will still want to tell you about it. Talk to him to get a cool

The Sims 2: Open for Business FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

To set it for sale, you will need to have the stock ready on the floor, the shelves or on the wall, depending on the item. Then, you can mark it for selling on the task bar for the business. However, you may need to purchase at a discount and therefore, click on the Business Build Tools, choose the percentage you wish to charge for the items, click on Wholesale Mode Toggle and then purchase

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