pricing for synthetic ice panels

Arnell's Competitors Hate the New Pepsi Logo

In a completely unsurprising set of reactions, design honchos who compete against the Arnell Group for business had little good to say about the new logo for Pepsi.

Has cotton priced itself out of fashion?

At the same time, the relative volatility in cotton prices have prompted parts of the international clothing industry to consider more cotton alternatives, including synthetic materials and blends

Teck Cominco's Oil Sands Costs Jump 50 Percent

The first phase of the project, expected to begin production in the fourth quarter of 2011, is planned to yield 140,000 barrels per day b/d of synthetic crude oil. The company's 20 percent share

De Beers man-made diamonds for retail sale after years of

After seven decades of selling gemstones as a precious commodity, De Beers now plans to offer synthetic versions at a fraction of the price, marking a major shift for the world's largest diamond

2019 State of the Union fact check of President Trump's

During the Trump administration, ICE has made 274,231 criminal arrests, according to ICE's year-end statistics. Over the course of fiscal years 2017 and 2018, ICE has arrested 99,207 individuals

What's Stronger Than Steel? Spider Silk

Norton told me that a Kevlar rope actually could replace those steel cables on the ship - at a very high cost. But he also mentioned a material that's stronger yet .

Why the Keystone oil pipeline may never get built

Low oil prices and the high cost of extracting Canadian crude from oil sands are casting new doubts on Keystone XL as executives with the Canadian company that wants to build it face the final

FDA approves Epidiolex, first marijuana-based drug for

The FDA has previously approved synthetic versions of another cannabis ingredient for medical use, including severe weight loss in patients with HIV. Epidiolex is essentially a pharmaceutical

What does the "organic" label really mean?

The "USDA Organic" label generally signifies a product is made with relatively minimal synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and that animals are raised according to certain guidelines.

As opioid crisis rages, cost of overdose antidote spikes

The cost of of naloxone -- which has been around in generic form for more than 30 years -- varies depending on whether it comes packaged as an injection device, auto-injector or nasal spray

Top synthetic ice hockey deals at mySimon Compare prices

Compare prices and shopping results for synthetic ice hockey from mySimon.com. mySimon.com has the best deals and lowest prices on synthetic ice hockey

In some U.S. states, most legal pot goes unsold

Although Colorado has been more successful in finding a balance between supply and demand, retail prices for bud, or marijuana flower, have plummeted in both states about 50 percent since 2015.

A foul truth behind the down in pillows and comforters

A good night's sleep can come with a hidden cost that consumers are likely unaware of. The highest grade of down, used to make the most comfy and costly bedding, involves a practice called live

Insulin prices skyrocket, putting many diabetics in a bind

Insulin, a life-saving medication used to treat diabetes, was discovered nearly 100 years ago, yet the price of the drug has now spiked by 700 percent in just two decades. In early November, Sen

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