wood fence in my neighbors

BBQ Smoke Etiquette

I recently moved into a new apartment. I have a Big Green Egg BBQ and love to use it. I live in a townhouse style apartment with a small back patio. My neighbor's patio and living room is adjacent to mine and I am concerned about the amount of smoke that my BBQ is creating. The only location where

Can Wi-Fi let you see people through walls?

The system sends out two nearly identical signals, but one is the inverse of the other, and thus they cancel each other out.

More Nasty Neighbors Dr. Phil

Good fences make good neighbors, but Dr. Phil's guests say no matter how high the fence, they can't seem to end their vicious feud. Neighborhood War Neighborhood War Linda says Tamara is a menace to society and should be kicked out of the community they share.

Season 22, Episode 223 The Ultimate Neighbor Fence Dispute

First Aired: June 20, 2018. A woman claims that her next door neighbors tore her fence down in the middle of the night; police are called when their feud gets physical.

How To Handle Nightmare Neighbors

The second scenario is that that your neighbor throws a barbecue for a hundred of their closest friends, blasting their music at 3 a.m. Schurenberg says call the police.

Neighbor-on-neighbor shooting was murder, Oregon jury says

Arguments during the trial focused on what happened between the neighbors during several crucial seconds along the so-called "fence from hell" that consisted of pallet wood, chicken wire, black


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Boys play catch with neighbor's dog over fence

Two toddlers from Minnesota found a creative way to play fetch with their neighbor's dog --- despite the fence dividing their backyards.

Mark Zuckerberg wall makes Facebook CEO's Hawaii neighbors

Other neighbors told The Garden Island newspaper on Kauai that the wall was oppressive, blocks breezes and views and "doesn't feel neighborly." But software engineer Brian Catlin said the fence

Watch The Torkelsons Season 1 Episode 1: Fence Neighbors

Season 1, Episode 1 Fence Neighbors First Aired: September 21, 1991 In the series pilot, teenager Dorothy Jane isn't thrilled when her single mom Connie Ray takes in a boarder William Shallert

What to bring a new neighbor??

The last time I had new neighbor I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and put them in pretty basket with a new tea towel. Come to find out later one child had celiacs and the parents were at the time low carbers. I felt terrible.

The Torkelsons: Fence Neighbors

Watch The Torkelsons - Season 1, Episode 1 - Fence Neighbors: A homespun family led by a single mom tries to get by, but teenage daughter Dorothy Jane isn't thrilled when her mom's f

No Fence Good Neighbor

Lyrics to 'Your Song' by No Fence Good Neighbor. She was walking downtown, / She couldn't hide in the crowd, / And with her eyes she smiled, / But I couldn't

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