hollow concrete flooring

This Old House

The show opens with a hike in the natural splendor of Sabino Canyon, in the northern foothills of Tucson. At the house, a crew prepares and pours a colored and scored concrete floor, a typical

Halo Walkthrough

Halo Walkthrough The GameSpot Walkthrough to Halo will tell you everything you need to know to overcome the Covenant and the Flood. You'll also get weapon and vehicle tips, as well as strategies

Who makes the world's guns

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Itronix GoBook II review: Itronix GoBook II

We purposely dropped it from a 30-inch-high desk onto a carpet-covered, concrete floor three times, and each time it came back for more without a scratch. The only perceivable damage was that most

Pablo Escobar: Mystery surrounds discovery at drug lord's

"I pulled the wall down, and when the wall fell, it's actually like a hollow floor. And when the wall fell on the floor, it kind of broke into it and then I saw it. I saw the safe," Mato told the

Secret Stash Room

I think anything with a floor you put in has a much higher chance of being an initial spawn point for settlers. Although I too have had them spawn on the roofs of houses, etc. Although I too have had them spawn on the roofs of houses, etc.

Deadlier, Wooden or Aluminum Bat?

Wooden bat hurts more, and if you want to know why, it's roughly the same reason that falling face-first onto a concrete floor hurts more than falling face-first onto a trampoline.

Japan builds Tokyo Sky Tree, world's tallest tower

The Sky Tree's shinbashira is a hollow concrete tube housing elevators and stairs. It's structurally separate from the exterior truss but is joined by oil dampers, which help reduce quake shaking.

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