horizontal basket weave fence

Rayman 2 Revolution FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Jump off the ledge from the point where the green fence ends, then activate your helicopter, turn around, and shoot the Cage 5 . Fall the rest of the way into the lava and restart the area. This time, jump and swing on the Purple Lum to the ledge above the entrance 31-34 then

No More Heroes FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by sophialeigh

Put them into the basket on your back to safely remove them. Time: 3 minutes Pay: LB$3000 for each scorpion Tips: Definitely don't do this one unless you are confident you won't get stung or have the Memory of Child technique. If you're stung, you'll have 30 seconds 20 seconds if it's a red one to get the antidote from your employer. If you go out too far, you won't make it back in time even

Best Video Games for 2004

Now a player's ability and physical makeup determine how fast he can run up the court on a fast break, how well he can cut to the basket off his opponent, and more. IsoMotion2 gives you more control over dribbling moves and makes it easier to handle overaggressive ball handlers. Develop your created player's career in a revamped 24/7 mode, or take on your friends in new multiplayer games.

The Even More Incredible Machine

The Even More Incredible Machine's Puzzle Answers 1-160 -To search for a puzzle, press CRTL F, and search for the puzzle number or part of the puzzle's name. 7. Tips and Strategies, Tricks and Secrets 8. Freeform Mode FAQ 9. Thanks Tip: To get quickly to your desired section, use your Internet's find command CRTL F , and search for your desired section i.e. 6. Tips and Strategies, Tricks

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition

Continue out of the area with the rainbow fence and through the cave leading into the town. Proceed along the dirt path towards the town. Notice the line of trees along the sides of the path here? Press yourself up against the line of trees along the lower half of the path. Walk along the path until youre just about to walk onto the paved town road and you should slip in-between the trees

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze FAQ/Walkthrough for

2 After traveling through the horizontal section, you will pass into a clearing. There are a bunch of items around this area, but the most important is hiding out in the top-right corner, behind a fragment of a sunken ship. Swim up through the wreckage to reveal a hidden area with a puzzle piece. < > Once you are done collecting items here, corkscrew the button at the bottom of the area to

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess FAQ/Walkthrough for

Bring the basket back to her, and then run to her house to be given the fishing rod. Find the shopkeeper's cat next to the river's dock, conveniently opposite side of the town from the shop and fish right next to him. He's a hungry cat, so after you catch your first fish and throw it back in the river, he'll start to pay attention to you. Catch a second fish and he'll grab it and run back to

Disney/Pixar Ratatouille FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

Instead, head left through the opening in the fence. Grab a star as you double jump your way up the cooling system platforms. When you reach the top, you can pull a lever by pressing the 'Action' button. This will create a ramp leading down to the area with the ball. Head down the ramp and hop onto the ball, then roll it up the ramp and around the ledge to the area ahead. On the ball, you can

Ape Escape FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by American

Climb back up the pole and utilize the distance of your slingshot to knock the brown basket off of the wooly mammoth's back. Once you've done this, quickly sprint over to the ape and apply the bag. At this point, you'll want to make your way over to the far side of the area and jump across a gap over to a very windy area. The wind will blow you away even if you're cling, so you need to take

Okami FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by Banjo 2553

Along the way, jump to the other side of the fence to find a clover somewhere around there. Dig and Bloom that, and when you see a ladder leading up to a forest of bamboo, Dig and Bloom that, and when you see a ladder leading up to a forest of bamboo,

Tenchu: Return From Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by

There is a horizontal spear trap in the next room along the left where the enemy is. Dispatch of the enemy, grab the health potion, and take cover outside of the spear trap. Hookshot on the horizontal beam above, then jump over to the next room. Don't fall in the lava below. Instead, engage the wooden archer man on the other side. Run all the way to the frontal room where a large circle is. A

Katamari Damacy FAQ for PlayStation 2 by vix

Note: The green fence is shaped like a ramp and has two pipes with construction workers and items popping out if it every now and thenyou need to go up that and across the shopping area and up another little mini fence ramp. You may need to do the dash to reach the crow. vix Champion's Belt - Reminds me of a belt a wrestler wears when they win. Location: Make a Star 4 How to Find: Roll

LittleBigPlanet FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Your rewards: BASKET , BEVEL CONCRETE , RED and GOLD CUTOUT WOOD and TEETER PLATFORM . Continue to the right. You'll come across a jumping platform. If you wish to grab the PURPLE GLASS , BIG STAINED GLASS WINDOW and RED GLASS , you'll have to jump at the right time; When the platform is going upwards press jump and you'll be lifted higher than the last time. Take a little practice and

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