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Flower Boxes Board

Product Description

WPC flower box is a kind of high-tech and green material heated and extruded from the mixture of wood material(wood fiber, plant fiber), thermoplastic polymer materials(plastic) and processing aids, (of which the wood material is the base), owing the features and performance of both wood and plastics.

WPC flower box is widely used in road isolation,municipal greening, greening projects, park square, home gardening and so on.

Application: Used for city construction and outdoor layout, widely used in dustbin, flower box etc. Excellent features: a) Durable, anti-impact, wearproof, no cracking, no warping b) High capacity of UV-resistance and fading-resistance c) Rotproof and moldy-proof.

Product Advantages

WPC flower box can be recycling use and also a response to the state advocates the concept of ecological and environmental protection.
WPC flower box durable more wood, withstand strong sunlight and rain wash in the outdoor life for 50 years, not deformation, not cracking. If the rational use, even in planting seedlings for many years, also won't happen the phenomenon of cracked and burst.

Product Features

1. Offers a soft, splinter-free finish that’s comfortable underfoot.
2. backed by our 15-25 year limited residential warranty.
3. Waterproof, resistant to salt water corrosion.
4. Fade & stain resistant.
5. Will not warp rot or split.Grooved, our decking is non-slip 6. Mold & mildew resistant.
7. Grooved, our decking is non-slip.
8. Whether wet or dry which enables it to be used in wet places, ideal for marina.

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