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Indoor Wall Panel

Product Description

Innovative product development is a major focus of our business. On an on-going basis, our in-house specialists focus on improving the outcome of sound performance while setting our specifications within the ISO and ATSM standard requirements. We strive to create aesthetically appealing high-end series products with characteristics in the designs that meet the needs of metropolitan lifestyle.
Prices vary based on color, spec, volume, delivery terms, etc. We aim to provide a complete sourcing service from manufacturing to logistics to consulting, so please establish direct contact with us to find the best pricing options for your company.

Product specifications

Dimensions : 300/600mm x 10mm
Color : All kinds of wood and stone surface
Model Number : Interior wall panels
Certification : CE, ISO
Fireproof Grade : B1
Raw Material : 60% Bamboo/Wood Power + 35% pvc + 5% Chemical additives

Product Features

1. Waterproof, moisture-proof. It can be used in the environment where traditional wood products can not be used.
2. Insect repellent, termites. Effectively eliminate pest disturbance and prolong service life.
3. Colorful. It has natural wood texture, and can customize the color according to your own personality.
Be flexible. Can very simple implement personalized modelling, fully reflect individual character style.
5. High environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. The product does not contain benzene substance, formaldehyde content is, lower than the European EO level standard, can recycle, greatly saves the lumber usage, is suitable for the sustainable development national policy, benefits the society.
6. High fireproofing. Can be effective fire retardant, fire rating is not lower than grade B, no toxic gas.
7. Good machinability, can be ordered, can planer, can saw, can drill, surface can be painted.
8. Simple installation, convenient construction and no complicated construction process.
9. No crack, no expansion, no deformation, no need for maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, saving later maintenance and maintenance costs.
10. Good sound absorption effect, good energy saving, making indoor energy saving up to 30%.

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