fire retardant composite sandwich floor

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2There, he managed to steal Carmody's ham sandwich and drink, but it smashed on the floor when he turned back into a cloud. The others teased him about his failure as they floated away. Gee commanded

Tomorrow Daily 119: Robot bats, real-life ad-blocking

Which is really cool. Oh. It has a unique composite sound board, a mo, and a modified iron and wood frame so the sound board, this is very interesting, is weather resistant and uninhibited by

Geek Trivia: Davy Jones' shocker

The most famous scientific submersible ever to share a name with an animated chipmunk was officially commissioned forty-two years ago this week. On June 5, 1964, the deep submergence vehicle DSV

Cincinnati bank shooting leaves 4 dead, including gunman

It happened at a 30-story building, home to the corporate headquarters for regional banker Fifth Third Bancorp and other businesses, including popular ice cream, pastry and sandwich shops.

Bravely Second: End Layer FAQ/Walkthrough for 3DS by

If you are using fire resistant, then this battle will be a complete joke as Ominas and Bahamut has next to no arsenal beside their fire abilities. Geyser Grotto On the world map, head west and you should find a cave full of steam.

Lunar: Dragon Song FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by ABolner

Just beat it down. It doesn't even offer resistance if you have those two fire-resistant armors. If you don't? Use a Shreeker and Insector to open, then burn up Gabi's MP using Gale Cut while having Jian attack and Flora use healing spells and Vitra. If he crouches, give him everything you've got for the next two rounds; he won't do anything for those rounds. If Flora goes down, just have Gabi

Local Motors LM3D Swim: A closer look at the first 3D

Last year, Local Motors 3D printed its first electric car. This year, it refined the EV's design. Next year, you'll be able to buy and print one of your own. - Page 18

Going on tour at Bowers and Wilkins pictures

One entire floor of B and W's facility is devoted to just black finishes. This is because to get a smooth, high-end, piano-black finish, the environment has to be clean, and many, many additional

UNSW industrial design graduates shine a light on tech

PawsyWalsy. Angela Lam. Pets can get anxious when left home alone for hours, but it's often unavoidable when pet owners have to work. PawsyWalsy is a device that soothes both pet and owner.

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

It is used in fertilizer, as a flame retardant, and sadly as a food additive. You can read about it on Wikipedia and see the ingredient list on Subway's website. I don't know much about chemistry but this just seems plain wrong to me. I no longer eat there. The smell of food contributes to a large percentage of taste. In this case that doesn't make for a very appetizing sandwich.

How It's Made

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