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Overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning, their crewmates used a 50-foot-long instrument boom on the end of the shuttle's robot arm to inspect the ship's carbon composite nose cap and wing


The dramatic repair work, conducted high above the far left end of the station's main solar power truss, took a bit longer than expected, but the MacGyver-style fix using homemade brackets, seemed


The inspection of the shuttle's carbon composite nose cap and wing leading edge panels normally is carried out after the shuttle leaves the station. But the failure of Discovery's Ku-band antenna

Sharp AQUOS LC-45G review: Sharp AQUOS LC-45G

Overall we found the LC-45GX6U's image quality a bit disappointing for such a high-end set. Out-of-the-box performance leaves something to be desired, making calibration a real must for optimum

Icewind Dale II Item List for PC by DSimpson

At the opposite end, the paw is open and is the main dealer of pain. Once someone is smacked with the paw, aside from the considerable damage, there is a chance that the recipient of the discipline will suffer from heightened fear and/or confusion. Once these symptoms wear off, it is not likely that the recipient of the paw's discipline will ever be a problem in the future, especially while

Lost Odyssey Spoiler-Free Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Fang

Ride the platform down, but don't ride the next one - if you follow the path to the end, you'll find the Magic Analysis Book that teaches Composite Magic Lv3, and it's about time too. Backtrack to the next platform and ride it up to rejoin Seth. Talk to her to join back up, and then run to the back and stand on the next platform. Run to the end of the path and ride the platform down. This area

Panasonic DMR-E20 review: Panasonic DMR-E20

However, compared to other DVD-R home decks, such as Pioneer's DVR-7000 $1,999 list , which boasts high-end components and a FireWire input, it's a relative bargain and should find a market with

Lucifer and Michael vs Beyonder and Molecule Man

Composite Lucifer Mornigstar and Michael Demiurgos vs Composite Beyonder and Molecule Man Everyone at their bestR2: All of them vs Featherine

Tales of Vesperia FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

This man, Kozakura, will inform you of today's suggested synthesis, which essentially gives you information on new materials that you can synthesize. Go inside the inn and check up on Estelle and Flynn in the residence on the left at the back end of the inn. After, save your game in the lobby and leave. Stop back at the Fortune's Market and purchase/synthesis some new weapons and armor. From

Fallout: New Vegas

The 'security sweep' phase will end once one finds Grant on the observation deck and tells him it's time -- this cues the president's arrival, and locks down the rest of the dam, including the visitor center. There's actually three assassination attempts to foil here. I'll list 'em in order of importance. 1 SNIPER: A little into Kimball's speech, one may witness someone toss the NCR sniper

Samsung 40B7000: Exclusive hands-on photos with the super

The idea of using LEDs to light an LCD TV isn't a new one, but in its new £2,000 super-television, the 40B7000, Samsung has used the tech to make something truly special.

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