install guide for wpc flooring images

Word opening problem with a mswrd632 error mentioned

CNET's forum on computer help is the best source for finding the solutions to your computer problems. You'll find discussions about fixing problems with computer hardware, computer software

Peloton, Mirror and other smart fitness tech brings the

14 Photos ClassPass Live but it isn't full-length enough for you to see yourself during floor exercises rendering it somewhat useless when you aren't standing . Read my full review of Mirror

How drones and lasers will help predict volcano eruptions

The images help scientists measure variations in gasses and temperatures at volcanoes around the world, helping to identify the warning signs of rising magma. Drones and satellites have a big

14 DIY holiday projects that'll make your home smarter

Install a security camera to prevent package theft. This time of year, you're ordering tons of gifts online and shipping them to your house. Keep those gifts safe or at least less appealing to

Making the massive Airbus A380 photos

Nose and both wings. Seen from across the giant Airbus assembly facility near Toulouse, France, an A380 is being constructed at what is known as Station 40.

The best location for your router for actually good Wi-Fi

Installing a router across the house from the modem may prove troublesome. It may require manually running a CAT5 cable under the floor or enlisting the help of powerline network adapters. But the

Swap out those old crappy 3-way light switches for good

This guide will take you through the steps of replacing those aging three-way light switches with updated wall controls. This process can be tricky, so read through the steps before you start your

How to install a dishwasher

A visual guide to installing or uninstalling your dishwasher 16 Photos Unpack your dishwasher. If the delivery people didn't do it for you, the first step is to unpack your new dishwasher. Most

Be your own lighting designer with these layered light

Jacek Kadaj/Getty Images The simplest things can make or break the design of a room. You might have beautiful furniture, art and flooring, but if the ambience still feels off, lighting is the

Driving a Tesla in the end times

Installing my legally required children's car seats into the Tesla Model X had been relatively easy, but there was a strange dissonance. Seeing our perennially stained child seats -- seats that

11 ways to make your Wi-Fi faster

Centralize and raise the router. The position of the router in your home matters a great deal. If you have the router placed in a far corners of your home, chances are, you get spotty or no

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