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Super Mario Sunshine Game

Super Mario Sunshine is a 3D platformer developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for GameCube in 2002. During a holiday visit to sunny Isle Delfino , Mario is arrested for mysterious acts of vandalism perpetrated across the entire island by a shadowy individual that has assumed his identity .

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough

Turning back and heading north after a long strht drive works well, as does touring Starfish Island. Once the bomb has been defused you simply drive the band back to its venue and receive your

Dying Light Review

Dying Light succeeds when it remains confident in its systems. The combat isn't as fulfilling as it is in Dead Island--you won't be breaking any arms--but out in that wild world, you aren't meant

Best Movies for 2018

Wilkerson tells a frightening and troubling story, incorporating scenes from To Kill a Mockingbird, the music of Janelle Monáe and Phil Ochs, and a dogged search for the truth one that unearths long-buried secrets, destroyed records, and real threats of violence.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Only four heroes remain to protect Ehb. Our Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough provides you with details about how to build your heroes, info on the story campn, and secrets to unlock.

On the Set: Peter Pan Takes Flight on Live TV TV Guide

Magic is in the air on the Bethpage, Long Island, set of the upcoming production of Peter Pan Live Make that magic realism. The show's titular lead, Allison Williams, is using a break in

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

Just to the south of Bannen Island, along the rocks there, lies the Uncharted Island. If you land here, you'll have no map on your top screen. If you land here, you'll have no map on your top screen.

Dying Light Critic Reviews for PlayStation 4

Dying Light is a great experience from beginning to end. The combat is stellar, the parkour is a genre best, and it's taking place in an environment perfectly designed for the game's strengths.

inFamous Collection Trophies for PlayStation 3

For inFamous Collection on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion.

Driv3r Walkthrough

Use your long-range assault rifle and pick as many guards off from a distance as possible. If you approach from the side opposite the entrance ramp, then ascend the rocky hill to the fence

Kameo: Elements of Power FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Ash has both a long range attack and a short range blast of fire perfect for roasting swarms of trolls at close range. Ash can also heal himself and barbecue a Troll at the same time with the Incinerator technique. ----- Techniques ----- Fire Blaze ----- Ash breathes out a short stream of fire as long as you hold down the Left Trigger. You can move around and control the flow of the fire by

All Xbox Video Game Releases

Spawn: Armageddon, based on Todd McFarlane's creation, is a 3-D action adventure that gives players access to all of Spawn's distinctive abilities, superhuman strength, arsenal of weaponry, Hell Powers, and, of course, his living symbiotic costume. Caught between the battle of Good vs. Evil, he

Freedom Fighters Walkthrough

Freedom Fighters Walkthrough Need help ejecting the Soviets from their occupation of New York? The GameSpot Walkthrough to Freedom Fighters contains a complete walkthrough for the game, including

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