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My home has a 2nd floor balcony directly above a 1st floor side porch, similar to the style synonymous with New Orleans. I recently removed vinyl flooring that they had put on the balcony floor above, and after yesterday's downpour I began to see it raining in the porch directly beneath.

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Since every balcony is different in design, this article takes a general look at the topic of waterproofing a tiled balcony using a variety of products that are applied onto the existing tiled surface. All waterproofing jobs, no matter what the design of a balcony, need to fully address water drainage points, as well as wall and floor joints.

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Sika Waterproofing > Downloads > CAD Dings. CAD Dings. Loading Files. Sika Watertight Concrete 17 Sika 1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System Typical Wall/Floor Junction Detail - REN09. PDF DWG. PDF DWG. Sika 1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System Lift Pit Waterproofing Detail - REN11. PDF DWG. Sika 1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System

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Detail Dings. The Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing Technical Services Department has developed several standard detail dings for Tremco products. Select one of the categories below for a complete list.

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Detail solutions Schlüter -balcony construction Schlüter -BALCONY CONSTRUCTION Safe waterproofing in a few easy steps: The ceramic thermal comfort floor n Schlüter -DITRA Waterproofing and uncoupling membrane for tile installations over problematic substrates e.g. wood,

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Sealing your concrete floors requires a high-quality and waterproof sealant that can withstand weather fluctuations and wet conditions. If you dont seal your terrace or balcony floor, youre more likely to see cracks developing.

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Balcony Waterproofing - Stop Balcony Leaks with Megasealed These problems cause calcification of the grout joints and damage to the membrane and sub-flooring. When a balcony is retiled with

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2nd Story Balcony Repair And Waterproofing In San Diego - In this video you will a complete balcony re-sheet and installation of waterproofing material on and existing 2nd story balcony - We

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Use a paint brush to seal the edges and perimeter of the balcony. Seal between banister posts and railings and make sure to cover all visible areas of the concrete. Use a paint roller to apply the sealer to the rest of the balcony, painting yourself off the balcony and into the house as you go.


Technical Notebook WATERPROOFING TERRACES AND BALCONIES. Technical Notebook INSTALLED ON TOP OF ExISTING FLOORS page 29 5.3 WATERPROOFING AFTER REMOVING ExISTING FLOORS structure of the balcony itself and on the superstructure, the screed and floor, and on which structural joints, control joints and expansion

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Technical Dings Ucrete Flooring. Termination at Free Edge. Termination at Free Edge dwg Termination at Stop Bead. Termination at Stop Bead dwg Basement Roof Section Detail dwg Waterproofing Parking Deck Details. Waterproof Perimeter Basement Wall and Slab Detail. Waterproof Perimeter Basement Wall and Slab Detail dwg

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Large Commercial Balcony Restoration and Repairs: Building Services Australia. Liquid Rubber . Seal and Waterproof floor bearers and joists. Liquid Rubber. Seal around Pipes and Penetrations. For more information about Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Products See our extensive FAQ page HERE.

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Drywall Detail by Murwall. Screen Room wit by email protected Start a Project. Not a Member? He has a second floor balcony which is over his fully finished garage. the deck is trypical PT construction, 2x6 PT decking, BUT has been overlayed with 1/2"4x8 CDX and carpeted. Here's One About Waterproofing A Balcony. You may want to

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Solvent based product easy to apply, even for the do-it-yourself market, by roll or brush. It does not alter the appearance of the floor. Transparent liquid waterproofing, easy and quick to apply, it allows to stop water infiltration on balconies or terraces already tiled, without removing the existing tiles or floor.

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