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Vinyl fencing has a longer lifetime than many wood fences which can fade, crack, and rot. Vinyl fencing is easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance. Many manufacturers have lifetime replacement for their vinyl fencing in the case of cracking, fading, or other types of natural damage.

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While vinyl fences do come in more colors than white, they have a glossy coating that makes them look shiny. Seven Trust comes in 3 natural matte colors: Woodland Brown, Saddle, and Winchester Grey. During the manufacturing process, Seven Trust Fence materials are over-pigmented, so when weathering does occur, the color still looks good.

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Vinyl colors do fade eventually, as well, and there are very few options for touching up the color once it is gone. Solutions We still love the merits of a maintenance-free fence so weve offered solutions to our customers in the Milwaukee area by choosing only the highest quality, most durable vinyl on the market today.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. All outdoor products will fade over time. However, BlacklineHHP fades slowly and uniformly. We are available to answer any question you may have about black vinyl fencing. Contact Us. BLACKLINEHHP

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Vinyl Fence Advantages and Disadvantages. Fencing Tips. it can be more difficult to replace and could require the work of a professional for repairing even a small section of fence. Some vinyl fencing can fade in extreme weather.

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With wood fences you will have to replace boards and repaint often, but with a vinyl fence you get to spend your time and money elsewhere. Additionally, we have a price match guarantee so you will get the lowest price on vinyl fencing online. Find out more here. How do you install vinyl fences? Anyone can install a vinyl fence.

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Does Vinyl fencing expand? It is normal for vinyl fence materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. Will Vinyl Fence fade? Under normal use, our 100% virgin vinyl fences will not fade. All our products are covered under manufacturer warranty for unusual fading or abnormal discoloration. Will the Vinyl fence crack, chip, peel or

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Vinyl Fencing can break if subjected to a direct impact, i.e. a rock thrown from a mower. Under normal use, the vinyl fence will not break when installed properly. Planks, pickets and rails are easily replaced if damaged. Will Vinyl Fence fade? Like vinyl siding and windows, vinyl fencing will lose a little of its sheen overtime.

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Even if it does happen to fade or crack, Best Vinyl Fence and Deck gives you a lifetime warranty on any materials installed. We guarantee that your vinyl fence will not fade, crack, chip, melt, or chalk, for as long as you own your home, even in the harsh Utah conditions.

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Care and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Fence. Will My Colored Vinyl Fence Fade? Yes, all building products when exposed to sunlight gradually weather over time depending on your climate; this is called normal weathering. Alan Creel. 5 out of 5 stars. posted 2 years ago.

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Vinyl FAQ. Will vinyl break? Vinyl fence materials can break if subjected to a direct impact, i.e. an automobile, horse or a rock thrown from a mower. Will Vinyl Fence fade? Like vinyl siding and windows, vinyl fencing will lose a little of its sheen overtime. However, it will not fade.

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Vinyl fencing offers a number of additional benefits, besides its ability to withstand wind. The fences are free of potential nails and other sharp objects; they're not difficult to clean, are less likely to fade in color and don't succumb to damp or mold as easily as wood. Vinyl fencing is comparable to wood in price and almost maintenance-free.

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OF COURSE NOT Vinyl Fencing costs much less than a well maintained natural wood fencing in about 5 years Want to enjoy the beauty of your new fence without the maintenance of staining? Do you want to keep your investment in the fencing low by have a high ROI return on investment 65% vs 10% ? Check out the article and video below for an

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